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Monday, April 30, 2012

Ten Reasons You Should Stick to Just One Blog

I have been professionally blogging for four and half years and the only regret I have is that fact that I never stuck myself to one blog. Of course, I did not have the knowledge that I have now. Bad health, recession and setbacks in personal life caused havoc to me but still, I just wish that I focused on only one blog from first. I could have become very successful in blogging. After all, I did not have any shortage when it comes to hard work and efforts. Anyway, I am writing this entry so that you think about it and do not make the same mistakes I have done.

1. Time: Time is really limited for all of us. For most of the bloggers, blogging is not even a full time job. So, you have to find time for your blogging and if you have just one blog then you can give all of your time for it. On the other hand, if you have more than one then your time will get divided naturally. Thus, less time means you can write fewer entries.
2. Money: From my own experience, I have noticed that when you focus on only one blog then it becomes easier to earn money because all of your attention is on that blog alone and it becomes easier to bring traffic and more traffic translates into more revenue. I am going to cast some light on the traffic issue later in this post.
3. Branding: When your attention is only on one blog then it becomes easier for you to develop branding. When, I started blogging and I used to write only for South AsiaBiz and at that time, it became like a brand for me. Razib Ahmed and South Asia Biz were almost synonymous. Although, I do not write in that blog for two years, if yousearch for my name in Google then you will perhaps notice that South Asia Biz still comes in the first page of search results.
4. Skill: When you are writing about the same topic and in the same blog then your skill surely develops. I have been writing about South Asia for more than 4 years and now, it takes much less time to write about this topic then it used to be four years ago. It is natural that when you do the same thing over and again day after day then you become sharper and quicker in it.
5. Promotion: if you are a blogger then you know that just writing entry everyday is not enough. You have to spend a good amount of time promoting your content. It is surely much easier to promote a blog then more than one blogs. Because I have a number of blogs, I cannot promote any of them in a good way.
6. Health: I am a full time blogger and I can afford to spend many hours for blogging. However, still, when my health became sick one year ago, I realized that you can look after one blog even when you are sick. However, I did a very foolish mistake and I tried to write in several blogs when I was suffering from obesity. As a result, within a few months, I suffered too much mental stress and blogging or writing became an impossible thing for me. I used to enjoy blogging more than anything else. Even in the day of my wedding, I wrote an entry and then went to the place to register my marriage. Sadly, now, I cannot write every day because of suffering from too much stress.

7. Archive: Good archive is always important for the success of any blog. When you have a healthy archive of many entries then you do not need to worry for your regular traffic. Google will send many visitors to you every day. This very blog has received more than 2 million pageviews in 2010 so far despite the fact that we could not hard.
8. Success: Now, I am totally convinced that it is much easier to make a single blog successful than trying for more than one.
9. Topic to Earn Money: I just hope that until now, you are convinced. So, now, I like to say some words about the matter of earning money. You see that when you decide to focus on only one blog then think whether the topic can earn enough money. Do some research on the topic and take a look at the niche. Take a look the top blogs in your field. You will find your answer.
10. One Child and One Blog: I live in a country which is perhaps the mostly densely populated on earth. The main reason is that many poor people do not listen to the advice of the government and take several children. As a result, they cannot look after their children. Perhaps, the same way, if you have 5 children then it is not easy to look after all of them. The same is true about your blogging life. Think of a blog like a child. A blog needs a lot of attention, care, time and money just way the way a child needs.
So, are you convinced? 
(It was first published in another blog that I don’t write anymore. I hope that some people will read here. 

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