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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Will the Future Amazon Kindle work on Android?

When it comes to e-book reader, Amazon Kindle is the most successful name. In fact, what Apple iPad is in tablet is the same for Kindle in e-book market. There is a very interesting post published on New York Times Bits blog, that Amazon is hiring people and may take Kindle to the Android platform.
After reading the blog post, I could not understand whether Amazon is thinking of making a Kindle on Android platform as an e-book reader or a tablet device. If this is true, then it is going to be a very interesting development. The blog post also stated that Amazon is now hiring some programmers who specialize in Android. It means that the company is going to do something related to Android in near future.
At this moment, Kindle works on Linux OS and it will be interesting to see the transformation or change to Android.
By joining the Android, naturally, there will be more apps available for Kindle. Amazon will not need to worry too much about the software part and focus on hardware. Since Android is free, the overall expense of the e-book reader should not increase either. Getting good support from Google will be another advantage. 
If this happens, it will be profitable for Google as well as the Android market share will increase significantly.

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