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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Motorola Looking to Exploit European Market with Wi-Fi Only Xoom Version

It is clear that Motorola failed to make any significant impact in the US market with its Xoom tablet PC. Despite being touted as the first real challenge for Apple iPad, the maximum Xoom could do was to provoke thoughts among the people who spent time to compare Xoom with iPad 2 and ultimately jumped for iPad 2. Well, I am not saying that Xoom was not sold at all. What I want to say is that Xoom’s potential to affect iPad 2 sales has not been flourished.

Now, it seems Motorola is going to turn its attention towards Europe where Apple is not as dominant as it is in the US. So, it is expected that Xoom would find it a lot easier to make a significant impact in the European market. Moreover, Motorola is going to launch a Wi-Fi only Xoom version in Europe with an attractive t price tag of $599. So, all the hiccups that the pricing of the device was creating so far would now most probably go away.

More importantly, Motorola Xoom has just been boost up by Flash 10.2 release. Adobe has come up with the Flash 10.2 beta version for Android 3.0 Honeycomb operating system, the same OS Xoom is running on, so Xoom users from now on can enjoy Flash-required content on the device.

Well, still it would not be that easy for Xoom to grab a significant share of the European market because a number of highly-enriched tablets from some world renowned companies like RIM, HP and Acer are going to hit the market very soon.

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