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Monday, March 14, 2011

Time Warner Cable iPad App: LIve TV in a tablet

Time Warner Cable has surprised some of us at least with an iPad App that would bring live Television in the tablet device from Apple. At first, users will be able to enjoy 30 channels. The App will start from any moment today. The good news is that this app is free but there is a slight problem- you have to subscribe video and Internet services of this company.
Still, we can easily understand that Time Warner Cable will get some decent number of users who would love to have television in the tablet. If you have it then you can carry live TV channels anywhere in your house.
So, if there is problem in your home about which TV programs to watch or you are a family that the husband wants to watch sports, wife likes the soap and children want Cartoons then this App can be a life saver for all of you. After all, many people are buying tablets these days. 

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  1. Yeah, many people are buying tablets that come with an array of apps that should take full advantage of the iPad. However, most don't, and sad to say the Time Warner app is included in that group. One app that does is the DISH Remote Access app through DISH Network (my employer). While it is great that Time Warner allows its users to stream while at home, the DISH Remote Access app allows me to stream live TV and my recordings anywhere that I have a 3G internet connection on my iPad. Yeah, I can go to another country and still be able to watch my local news or any of my favorite channels. So I think it is safe to say that the DISH Network app is better than the Time Warner app. In ALL categories.