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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Steve Jobs appeared in court to answer about iTunes Music Store monopoly

On March 21, 2011, Magistrate Judge Howard R. Loyd in San Jose ordered Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, to appear in court and answer questions related to a class-action lawsuit accusing iTunes Music Store of monopoly.

Court documents revealed that the Judge ordered “limited question” for not more than two hours. Loyd wrote:

“The court finds that Jobs has unique, non-repetitive, firsthand knowledge about the issues at the center of the dispute over RealNetworks software,”

In 2005, iTunes customer, Thomas Slattery, filed a case against Apple. He claimed that Apple intentionally limited consumer choice by linking the iPod to its iTunes music store.

Slattery, on behalf of the consumers, sought class action status for the fact that Apple encoded its music files with a proprietary software called FairPlay which would allow the files to be played only on iPods, not other music products. FairPlay also prevented users from buying music from other online stores and play on iPod.

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