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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Netflix: The biggest Internet movie streaming company will distribute original TV-series

In a new report published by market research firm, NPD Group, it has been revealed that Netflix, the on-demand video streaming company, now controls 61 percent of the Internet movie streaming market.

The company has a subscriber base of 20 million and more than two-thirds of them stream video from the company for a monthly fee of $8.

Netflix’s major competitor, Comcast Corp. accounted for 8 percent while Apple iTunes, Time Warner Cable, and DirecTV accounts for 4 percent of the market share.

According to the October report of Sandvine, a networking company, Netflix accounts for more than 20 percent of all Internet traffic in the U.S “during peak nighttime usage times.”

Now, Netflix is targeting television streaming, a new trend on the rise and is becoming more popular than movie streaming. The company is having discussions to exclusively distribute an upcoming TV series titled House of Cards. Remake of a popular British classic TV series by the same name, House of Cards has been directed by David Fincher of the Social Network fame and Kevin Spacey played one of the key characters. Spacey and Fincher have been talking with different TV channels like HBO, showtime and AMC but Netflix will air two season's of the show and what's make this so unexpected is that Netflix will not broadcast any pilot episode. All this means, Netflix will go head-to-head with premium cable TV channels like HBO.

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