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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Microsoft released WebM integrated software for Windows apps

Microsoft adopted Google WebM technology and announced a software that will allow Internet Explorer 9 and other Windows apps to play WebM videos. On March 15, 2011, famous British technology website, Register, reported that Google introduced a WebM-plug-in for IE9 but now Google changed the page and said that the WebM will be integrated with the new software.

The software, called Microsoft Media Foundation (MF) components for WebM, will allow various Windows apps such as Windows Media Player and IE9 to run WebM videos. Google said that Microsoft helped to build the software.

WebM, sponsored by Google, is an open sourced audio-video formart. Unlike H.264, which requires its adopters pay a royalty fee to MPEG-LA, a licensing consortium, WebM does not require any royalty and can be used with HTML5 video. In January 2011, Google announced that it will remove H.264 from its Chrome browser and will inform its app developers and publishers in the next few months.

WebM is based on VP8 and developed by a company called On2 Technologies, which Google acquired for $124.6 million in 2010. Post acquisition, Google opened up the VP8 codec.

Last year, Microsoft said that IE9 would not include WebM but users would have the option to install the codec on their own but all that changed on March 16, 2011, when Dean Hachamovitch, Microsoft Internet Explorer GM, announced Microsoft Media Foundation (MF) components for WebM.

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