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Saturday, March 12, 2011

La Presse to Cut on Print Edition to Focus on Digital Publication

Technology world is currently driven by the recently-revolutionized Tablet PC which many believe would continue to grow in the coming years. No doubt, the growing popularity of tablet PC would bring some changes too. Such a change could be what Canada’s largest circulated French-language daily La Presse is planning to do: a digital transformation.

According to a report published in the Friday edition of Le Devoir, the French-language newspaper now is going to cut its print edition from 200,000 to 75,000 and focusing more on its online edition. According to an employee of La Presse, the newspaper is currently planning to offer an iPad or any other tablet PC for free to the readers who would register for a three-year subscription.

In fact, the newspaper has taken a three-five year plan looking to make it a digital only daily gradually. It has already spent $5 million on this project and is going to invest $25 million more for the implementation of this digital transformation.

No doubt, it is a very interesting and a timely move by La Presse in the inception of a tablet-centric world. A professor from McGill University, Will Straw, believes that it is very possible to happen, but he is a bit suspicion about the feasibility of making it a digital-only newspaper and at the same time remains profitable.

Mr. Straw thinks being reliant on an international media to keep a local presence would not be that easy, because then it has to fight with the giants like BBC, New York Times and others. For that, as he suggest, the newspaper should focus mainly on local news, instead of covering international news grossly.

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