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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Is HP taking too Much Risk with webOS?

We already know that HP CEO had announced that in 2011 the company will ship nearly 100 million devices containing WebOS. If you are thinking that this OS will be shipped only with smartphones and the recently released HP TouchPad tablet PC, then you are wrong. HP is in fact planning to put this OS in every PC it sells meaning desktops, netbooks and notebooks.

It seems that HP is taking too much of a risk. Normally, the company has maintained a healthy relationship with Microsoft in the last few years. Now, if the company puts its WebOS in desktops and laptops then surely Microsoft officials may become sensitive to some extent. After all, Microsoft has not done well in the smartphone and tablet PC sector with its WP7. So, the last thing that Microsoft bosses needs is some kind of competition from WebOS. Of course, as far as I know, HP will also put Windows OS in their products. It will not entirely ditch Windows for Web OS.

Still, I think it is a matter of too much risk for HP and it will create a tension between Microsoft and HP. Secondly, if consumers do not like WebOS in laptops and desktops, then it may have a negative impact on HP’s tablet PC and smartphone sales.

We fill that the best way to minimize the risk is that the WebOS is properly developed and can work smoothly with desktops and laptops.

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