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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

iPod Classic not dead: New model is coming

The last time, iPod Classic received any update was back in September 2009. Apple then increased its storage capacity from 120GB to 160GB. Many thought that Apple would upgrade its iPod Classic in the 2010 September music event but that did not happen. In addition, top US retailers said that the device was in short supply and if you purchase from Apple online stores, you will receive your shipment in 1-3 days instead of 24 hours. All these, led many to believe that Apple will stop introducing new models.

But that is not happening. Apple is going to introduce a new model with higher storage capability and for this reason it just tightened its supply. In late January, news of a new iPod Classic came up after Toshiba introduced a new 1.8 in HDD topping 220GB storage capacity.

Last year, a MacRumors reader sent an email to Steve Jobs asking him about the fate of the iPod Classic. Jobs replied that he will not “Kill” the device.

The iPod Classic was launched in 2001 and initially many did not like the device but it changed everything over the next few years and went on to become the new Apple icon. From the iPod, Apple gradually rolled out more smaller, lighter and multi-functional music players like the iPod Nano and iPad Shuffle.

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