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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Can tablet PCs replace netbook, laptop or desktop?

PCs are losing ground to tablet PC and smartphones. Steve Jobs refers this time as post-PC era. More and more people are now buying products that are ultra-portable, offers longer battery life and can be used in officer, desk or living room.

Regarding this shift in people’s behavior, Forrester Analyst, Sarah Rotman Epps, said

“The post-PC era represents a change in consumer behavior. It's not just the device. It's the social behavior. It's a social trend, ….The post-PC era represents a social shift and a technology shift….Computing has become more ubiquitous, casual and intimate.”

Last year, tablet PC saw its rise with Apple selling 15 million iPad tablet PCs and controlling 83 percent market share. According to IDC Research group, a total of 18 million tablet PCs had been sold last year and it further predicts that 50 million tablet PCs will be sold in 2011 translating into around 200 percent market growth.

Now, the million dollar question is- Can tablet PCs supplant netbooks, laptops or desktops? The answer is a resounding “NO.” Yes, with a tablet PC you can watch movies, listen to music, or play games but they have some serious limitations. What about typing long documents or performing complex tasks with tablet PCs. Moreover, there are no complete OSs for tablet PCs like the ones we have for PC products.

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