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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Internet has overtaken Print Newspapers as source of News in America

The unthinkable has already happened in USA as printed newspapers have now been pushed behind as source of news for most Americans. Instead, Internet is becoming the new source while cable TV has been able to maintain its top position just for the moment. In the report of ‘The State of News Media 2011’, Pew Research Center has given all these information.
You can find detailed information about the report here: http://stateofthemedia.org/2011/overview-2/key-findings/
The rise of smartphones means that many Americans now browse for news right from their mobile phones. Mobile Internet usage is going to increase dramatically in the next few years in the country. The same can be said for tablet usage. Tablet devices like iPad and e-book readers like Kindle are going to be used more for browsing news.
All this is good news for bloggers like us who try to cater to the Internet market. Naturally, it is bad news for traditional journalism. The popularity of Internet as news source is also causing deep problem for the cable TV industry. Well, for the time being, I think that the cable TV industry will face fewer problems compared to print newspapers and magazines because we are yet to see any large scale online based video news websites or blogs. 

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