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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Google Docs comments upgrade: Comment editing, profile pictures and many more

Google Docs comments has been upgraded and aside from ensuring a smooth discussion, the new features integrate comments with emails.

In April 2010, Google first introduced comments feature in Google Docs. To date, docs users post comments in text fields on documents and add footnotes. The new features create interactive threads that are integrated with the documents but not a part of them.

Here is a video clip showing the new comment features, how they will work. In the video, a group of office workers discuss about pulling a prank on one of their colleagues on April Fool’s day.

Now, Google Docs users can initiate discussions by notifying each other via emails. Users can also “mute” the email notifications and there is also a “Resolve” buttons that enables users to declare a thread as resolved and hide it.

Each comments made in a discussion are “time-stamped” and its authors can be identified with their profile pictures. The authors can also edit or delete their comments.

Last but not least, comments that are directed to you will be directly stored in your inbox. So, you would not have to go through all your documents to check out if there are any suggestions made to you.

The new features can be used only in newly created documents. Pretty soon, they would be made available to those with gmail accounts and Google Apps customers via Rapid Release Tracks.

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  1. it has almost been one year from this blog was written, and now the April Fool's Day is coming, waiting for it.