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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Foxconn backup plan for Apple

Apple and Foxconn have enough inventories to continue producing latest iPad 2 tablet PCs for at least 2-3 weeks before they stop production.

Taiwanese electronics giant, Foxconn, said that it would not face any component shortage in the short term and already prepared its backup suppliers to ensure continuous supply of electronic components.

An anonymous Foxconn representative told Digitimes that the company’s capability of “securing supply resources is still much better than its competitors.”

Foxconn which combines Apple products such as iPhone and iPad in China, is looking into its subsidiaries and partners and reporting back to Apple and other clients. At the same time, it is activating its backup plan.

On the other hand, Redebomdia of Brazil, reported that Foxconn is preparing to open up a new manufacturing plant in Jundiai, Sao Palo, Brazil. The plant will manufacture Apple products. At present, Foxconn has plants for HP and Sony in Jundiai and is going to open a third plant by 2013.

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