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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Chrome OS in Sony VAIO Notebook

Just the other day we heard that ASUS is planning for an inexpensive netbook that would run on Google Chrome OS. Now, according to Sony Insider, there is a rumor that Sony is doing the same thing. The laptop will run on Chrome OS and will have NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor, 11.6-inch LCD display and 1GB of RAM and 16GB EMMC.
Of course, when a laptop will run on Chrome OS, the matter of Internet is very important because Chrome OS is cloud-based or Internet based OS.
As for Internet, there are several options. There is also a white keyboard. The device will weigh only 1 kg and it will have 8-hour battery life. I am not sure, if I call it a notebook or netbook. The 1GB RAM perhaps indicates that it will be a netbook and the price will not be so high. Of course, Sony has not yet confirmed the Chrome-OS based VAIO laptop.

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