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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Earthquake Delayed the Release of Apple iPad 2 in Japan

Apple has been enjoying enormous success with its iPad 2 tablet PC. The second generation iPad has even surpassed the success rate of Apple’s original iPad released last year. After its raving success in America, iPad 2 is now on its way to win the international markets too. It has already arrived in Europe and some other countries and Apple is receiving good feedback from international market too.

However, Apple has now postponed iPad 2’s scheduled release in Japan which is one of the biggest Asian markets. Japan has just suffered a devastating earthquake and tsunami causing the loss of many lives and huge destruction of wealth. This has led to cut in the supply of Apple’s Flash memory chips used in iPad. The matter is that Japan is the 40% supplier of the company’s Flash memory chips and following the natural disaster the supply line has been disrupted significantly.

That is why, Apple has rescheduled the iPad 2 launch in Japan and it is now expected that iPad 2 will be available in the stores of Japan by 25 March. However, the company would face serious problem to continue its iPad 2 production, if the supply of flash memory chips from Japan does not begin soon.

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