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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Asia becoming the Number One market for Smartphones Soon

When you think of the smartphone market then naturally, you think of USA. It is the land of smartphones indeed. In the next few years, almost everyone will have this device. Well, still, the future of this industry is now heading towards Asia from USA.  According to IDC, 137 million units will be shipped to Asia/Pacific excluding Japan (APEJ) region. According to the same report, by 2015, the number of smartphones in APEJ region will reach to 359 million. If you include Japan then this figure may reach to 400 million.
Needless to say that by 2015, at least by number, Asia will be the important place. Well, I think that in terms of average revenue per user, America will be ahead by quite a distance.
In APEJ region, Nokia is still the dominant force. This is good news for Microsoft as Windows Phone 7 is going to be OS for Nokia phones but that is not going to happen at least 9-10 months. Android will see a remarkable growth because Samsung, Motorola, HTC, LG and Sony Ericsson are active in many Asian countries. iPhone is popular in some countries like Australia and South Korea. iPhone is gaining momentum in China too. However, I do not think that iPhone will do that well at least in the next 5 years just because of the price factor. 

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