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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Android Honeycomb OS: Not so Sweet for Motorola Xoom

Android 3.0 (codenamed Honeycomb) operating system was considered to be one of the attractive features of Motorola Xoom before the release of the tablet PC. Now, after its release, the Honeycomb OS turned sour for the Xoom users who are now coming up with lots of complains about this only tablet-centric OS from Google.

According to Trip Chowdry, an analyst from Global Equities Research, has revealed that Xoom is suffering a lot because of Honeycomb’s buggy nature and not-user-friendly interface. Users experienced crashes of application and could not be entirely happy with the inconsistent battery life. Sometimes, Xoom runs just 2 hours, sometimes 6 hours.

The problem is that Android 3.0 OS is not yet a finished product. In fact, the OS Xoom has featured is nothing but a beta version of what Google is trying to come up with. Naturally, there remain a number of problems in Honeycomb OS and Google needs to work on those areas.

Motorola Xoom was thought to be a potential killer of Apple iPad and its already-dominant position in the tablet PC market, which was recently boost up by the release of iPad 2. However, the problems associated with Honeycomb OS has significantly reduced the sales of Xoom which is now struggling to catch up users’ expectation of high standard set up by Apple iPad.

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