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Sunday, February 06, 2011

Sir Alex Ferguson is unhappy over Wolverhampton Wanderers Result

Sir Alex Ferguson is unhappy after a damaging defeat of Manchester United at the hand of Wolverhampton Wanderers. In another match, Arsenal drew against Newcastle 4-4 that is why Manchester United had a big opportunity to extend a huge lead in the league table.
The 2-1 defeat at the hand of Wolverhampton meant that Manchester United lost their first match of the season. There were a lot of expectations from the supporters that this time United would win all the matches and remain undefeated or invincible. In Premier League history, only one club has been able to achieve this success and that is Arsenal. So, mister Ferguson has to remain satisfied without getting this honor with his name for this season.
Manchester United is still leading the point table but they have to be more careful from now. 

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