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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Windows 7 Based tablets: Can they do Well?

Within a few days, Microsoft is going to show off some Window 7 based Tablet computers at CES 2010. Tablet PC is an area that is growing very rapidly but Microsoft has fallen behind to Apple IOS and Google’s Android platform. So, it is a market that Microsoft need to find good position as soon as possible. However, according to a report of eWeek, it may not be that easy for the company.
In the eWeek report, Don Reisinger has given some arguments that why Microsoft will not become successful in attracting the Tablet market. His first point is that tablet devices do not need a full fledge operating system. He has also stated that Android and iOS are more safer than Microsoft’s Windows OS for tablet.
We also know that Apple has been doing very well in this tablet market and right now, everyone is a fan of iPad. Of course, iPad is not available to all the major carriers even in USA. So, there is opportunity for other companies to sell their products. Samsung has done well with Galaxy Tab. However, if we just put iPad aside then you have mainly two kind of products- Android run and non-Android run (Windows 7, MeeGo etc). Android based tablets are doing well at this moment and Microsoft will really need to work very hard to convince consumers about their operating system.
Do you agree with the idea that Windows 7 based tablet will not do well in the next one year or two? 

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