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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Real Madrid wants Cesc Fabregas Too: Will he join?

Just before the beginning of this season, we saw that the whole transfer window was almost hijacked by Barcelona about Cesc Fabregas. In the end, Cesc Fabregas did not join Barcelona and again as January transfer window is approaching, there is a now intense media rumor about the future of this Spanish midfield player.
Not only Barcelona is interested about him but now it seems that even Real Madrid wants to get Fabregas. Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho likes this player and there is some report that he wants to have him at Real.
If he joins Real Madrid then it will be very funny because first of all, Fabregas is from Barcelona and from his childhood he played for Barcelona. We know that Barcelona and Real Madrid are like bitter enemies in Spain. So, it will be really interesting to see whether Real Madrid can become successful in taking him.
Barcelona at this moment is more or less silent about him because the club is facing some financial problems. Of course, in the end, everything depends on what Arsenal and Fabregas decides. Last summer, Fabregas wanted to join Barcelona but Arsenal did not want to sell him. Now, let us see what happens. 

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