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Monday, December 27, 2010

Professional Blogging and earning money will be the Topic for this Blog

I started this blog at the middle of 2006. At that time, I was new a blogger and I mainly used to work for a blog network. It was my personal blog and I wrote in it for like a hobby. In fact, I could never come up with a fixed topic for this blog and I wrote about many things here. For example, I wrote about sports, entertainment, top ten kind of entries, personal diet and weight loss effort, earning money through blogging, and even Google Trends.
 So, I am really out of my mind that what I should write here form now. For the last one and half year I was not well and I could not give any effort for this blog. Now, my health has become normal and I am interested to write about something everyday. However, I am at a loss about selecting a particular topic and then writing about it.
I was thinking about sports but I already have a sports blog. Then, I also have an entertainment blog. May be one of the topics that can be covered here is technology but I am writing seriously about technology in another blog. So, I really do not know what to do.
May be one of the things that I can cover regularly is international business and economy. This is something I really enjoy and right now, I do not have a blog for this matter. So, it is better I write about it from now. Well, I am sorry about that because there are many Feedburner subscribers and some followers. Still, may be this is the best option because then I will not be worried about what to write.
I do not update this blog for quite sometime because for the last one week, all the time I am worried that what I should write. I simply cannot find any topic to cover. So, this is my decision that for the time being I am going to write about international business in this blog. In fact, I have just come out of bad health and as a result I am not very hopeful that my quality will be that good but I will give it a try.
At this moment, I am not that much concerned about quality because the main focus is now only to just come back to work. If I think of writing about international business then writing almost everyday will not be that difficult because I really enjoy this topic. Yes, it will not bring that much money for me or most probably this topic will not bring any money for me but still I will enjoy writing it.
On second thought, I want to write about something that other people can get benefit. Perhaps the best thing for me to do is write about blogging because I have got a lot of experience about professional blogging. I am still undecided but I think that I can also cover that topic quite well because of my five years of experience. It is not that I have been very successful but I think that I have gained a lot of knowledge about it.
I could not become successful because of basically two reasons. First of all, I suffered bad health and at the peak of my professional blogging career, I had to leave it and could not come back until now for nearly one and half year.
Now, I am hopeful that the good time has come back and I am going to give it another shot. The second reason is tragic. I live in a country that has many limitations about internet and online earning. The biggest limitation that I face is the absence of any kind of online transaction and specially the absence of PayPal. If I just had PayPal then my income would increase a lot and I could have been much better for me. Well, I am hopeful that in the next one year or who knows in the next two years, we will get PayPal facility in this country and till that what I can do.
So, I will be writing about professional blogging and earning money through blogging in this blog from now on for the time being. Most probably, if my health supports then this is the thing that I will try my best to do. Thanks a lot for being with me and hopefully I can create some content that will become useful for all of you. 

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