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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Is Manchester United interested about Pepe Reina of Liverpool?

There is some media speculation that Manchester United is going to try to get Pepe Reina of Liverpool.
The financial condition of Manchester United is not that good but the owners are perhaps going to come up with some cash to get a good goalkeeper because current goalkeeper Van der Sar of Netherlands is now 40 years old. Naturally, he will most probably either retire from football after the season or most probably will not become so fit in the next season because of old age.
So, Manchester United coach Sir Alex Ferguson is desperately looking for a quality goalkeeper. If this kind of rumor is true then it may put some pressure on the Liverpool coach. However, Liverpool owners would not be interested to sale Pepe Reina because he is a very good goalkeeper.
Yes, he will be a good addition in Manchester United squad but I think that right now, Liverpool needs him much more than any other club. Liverpool is trying to improve their position in the league table and at the moment Liverpool is at the tenth position with 22 points from 17 matches. This is not a lot of points but they are trailing the league leader Manchester United by 15 points. So, there is a possibility that if Liverpool can get some good players in the January transfer window then they may do well.
For Liverpool fans, the only thing they want at this moment is to qualify for UEFA Champions League next season. For that they have to be one of the top four clubs in the league table but that looks very difficult at this moment because Manchester United, Manchester City, Arsenal and Chelsea all are much better form than Liverpool

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