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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Arsenal might go after Karim Benzema

The more I see young players like Karim Benzema the more I am convinced that these young and talented players should not join Real Madrid or Barcelona at a very early age. Karim Benzema is just 22 years old and he joined Real Madrid last year. Now, there is strong pressure on the French striker to perform and it seems that he will soon have to leave Real Madrid.
Of course, he can decide to stay at this Spanish giant but then he will have to be satisfied to spend his youth in the sideline and will not get enough match experience.
In England, both Arsenal and Manchester United are interested and Real Madrid may become interested to keep him too as he joined the club with a 6 year deal.
It will be interesting to see whether the speculation becomes true and Arsene Wenger really goes after a player like Karim Benzema. It will take at least 20 million Pound to get a player like him. Wenger in the past did magic with French strikers like Anelka and Henry. 

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