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Friday, September 03, 2010

Toshiba has given solution of its faulty laptop models

Toshiba is one of the well-known laptop manufacturer companies. Perhaps, this Japan-based company has been dealing with a serious problem for the first time in its history. Recently, it has called 41,000 laptop computers after reports of some overheating and even melting.

It posed a burn hazard to users concerning the fact of overheating where the AC adapter plugs in.

The recall order was issued by the U.S. Consumer Product Commission and Health Canada.

Toshiba Canada issued 14 reports complaining about the excessive heart or smoke from the faulty jack following 129 reports from US for mentioning the same problem. However, it is yet to get any report from Australian users.

It has been reported to deform the plastic casing around the AC adapter plug. However, other reports mention minor burns and property damage.

Toshiba Satellite T123, Satellite T135D and Satellite Pro T130 are those three laptops models that have been issued for overheating. Priced between $600 and $800, these affected laptops were sold at electronics stores and other retailers and online from August 2009 to last month.

However, the company has also given the solution. The solution is a BIOS updates. The company recommends its users to update its BIOS computer software, which is available on its Web site.

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