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Thursday, September 02, 2010

Theo Walcott should not bother about the Critics

Theo Walcott has at last the dream start to the season and it should give him a lot of mental confidence. He has scored 4 goals in 3 premier league matches and it is clear that he will be an important factor for Arsenal this season. He suffered a lot of criticism in the last few months but it is nice to see that he has become matured and now playing very well.
Walcott said, "It’s one of the things I have to live with but everyone is entitled to their opinion.
But the people I listen to are the boss, Mr Capello, the players and my family. They are the most important people in my career. I’ll do my talking on the pitch.
I always want to improve. I’m still 21 and I want to play every game when I can, especially after last season with so many injuries. But at 21 I’m playing for Arsenal and England and that is not a bad achievement so far."

The player should leave the memory of not being selected for World Cup 2010. Now, many people think that it was a mistake from Capello. Even Messi said the same thing. Walcott should just focus on this season and try to score many more goals for the club. 

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