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Saturday, September 04, 2010

Apple launches a social networking service named Ping

At the Apple Music Event 2010 Yerba in Buena Centre in San Francisco, Steve Jobs, CEO of the Apple, announced the launch of Ping, which comes with iTunes 10. Ping is supposed to be a social-networking service that is designed for music fans. The launch of this new social-networking service will put big threat for Facebook and Twitter.

Ping has huge popularity among the users as it is used by more than 160 million people to download songs and organize their music library. So, it is needless to say any introduction about the social network.

Ping is a social music discovery service which has created a big opportunity to its users to download songs. It has more than 12 million songs and uses can chose their favorite song from there.

“Discovery” is one of the main things that is focused in iTunes. It seems that it will create a revolutionary change in the music business.

“So we’re launching Ping – it’s a social network that’s all about music. It’s like Facebook and Twitter meets iTunes. You can follow your favourite artists and friends and discover what music they like and are downloading.”

However, there is complain about Facebook as it is said that Facebook’s Apple Ping demands were ‘too onerous’.

Apple’s Ping is also facing the same complain. It is said that Ping is a spammer-scammer's heaven. It was put by Chester Wisniewski, Sophos security researcher.

It has become a matter of dispute. Let’s see what Apple officials do to solve this problem.

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