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Monday, September 13, 2010

Acer is making dual-display laptop for the first time

One of the top three worldwide suppliers of personal computers, Acer, is now planning to release a new laptop that will come with dual-display, which is supposedly will not be able to bring it out before the fall of 2011.

Dual-display laptop ideas have already been used in the past as many companies unveiled their products using this technology, but Acer for the first time will release its own laptop using the same technology. The main focus of Acer is on mobile PCs.

TechReviewSource has leaked the specification of this dual-display laptop that makes it the headlines not because of releasing any new netbook.

The reports said that Acer is now making a dual-display notebook. It means that there will be no physical keyboard. This dual-display laptop will come up with two displays measuring 15 inches. One touchscreen will be used as the display itself while the other one will be used for multipurpose such as keyboard or trackpad.

It will feature an Intel Core i5 with a clock speed of 2.67 GHz. The dual-display laptop will come with Windows 7 Home Premium loaded onto its sample and it seems that it will allow the multitouch display to “swap” screens.

It is expected to hit the market about a year in the future as it is in its beginning stage.

Like one of the Sandy Bridge Series, it has a strong possibility that it will make a revolutionary change as a next-generation CUP.

Let us see if other companies will focus on dual-display machines to compete with Acer or physical keyboards will have to fight hard against the touch-based keyboard to remain existence.

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