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Friday, August 06, 2010

Pep Guardiola: We are still after Cesc Fabregas

No matter how much Arsene Wenger tries to silence the media buzz about Cesc Fàbregas, it seems that Barcelona officials are not ready to help him. Now, it is Barcelona coach, Guardiola, who has opened his mouth and stated that they have not finished their hope of getting Cesc Fàbregas at Nou Camp.
The funny thing is that just like every other Barcelona official Pep Guardiola has not said anything about the big money that is needed to get a player like Cesc Fàbregas. Currently, Barcelona is suffering from financial stress and it is natural that they have to spend a lot of money to get someone like Cesc Fàbregas. So, it is no wonder that Arsenal officials are very annoyed and to some extend very angry with everyone with Barcelona right now. Barcelona coach Pep Guardiola has praised Fàbregas and he said that there are still nearly 24 or 25 days before the transfar window end or summer 2010. He also stated that he will and Barcelona will try to get him this summer.
This kind of public announcement from Barcelona coach will surely only increase anger among Arsenal fans and officials. What Barcelona is doing is taking a big risk and in future it may make it difficult for Spanish club to get quality players from Arsenal. There are some media reports that Barcelona has come up with another offer with 35 million pound to buy Cesc Fàbregas from Arsenal. There is no confirmation to this report and it is right now like a media speculation or rumor. However, considering the enormous interest of Barcelona about getting Fabregas, this may sound not rumor at all.
A few days ago, Arsene Wenger strongly said that he is not going to sale Fabregas and he expected Fabregas to be an important player in the upcoming season. Not only that, Cesc Fàbregas was present at the Emirates Stadium yesterday with other players. He has not said anything strongly about going to Barcelona in the last few days and it seems that the drama is going to end.
This drama has perhaps made Fàbregas as the most talked about football player in the current summer transfar window. It is very funny because if he does not go to Barcelona in the end this summer then all the rumors and discussions will end in vain. However, it seems that Barcelona officials are thinking that the media campagin can help them to get Fàbregas in next January transfer window if not this summer. 

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