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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Orkut lost its top position to Facebook in India: comScore says

The increasing popularity of social networking site, Facebook, has overtaken Google’s Orkut in India this year. Now, it is number one ranked website with 20.9 million visitors in July in India. It sees 179 percent rises on a year-on-year basis.

On the other hand, Orkut is now the second popular social networking site with 20 million unique visitors in July in India. It saw 16 percent growth during the same period.

It has been revealed through a latest report by the market research company, comScore.

The growth of Orkut has been dormant. Over the past five years, this figure has risen 1% to 55 million unique visitors in July. Following its rapid growth of 55% Facebook has received 571 million unique visitors in July. Rival social networking site, MySpace, saw its fell 21% to 98 million unique visitors in July.

Orkut was the dominant social networking site in India until Facebook has surpassed it to take the top position. It had been ruling millions of hearts in India for year, but within a matter of one year, it has changed and the favorite tag has gone towards fiercely popular Facebook.

Perhaps, different interface and the presence of social gaming apps like FarmVille, FishVille, Mafia Wars, Sudoku and many more helped Facebook to topple Orkut in terms unique visitors.

Google launched social-networking site, Orkut, in 2004. Though it failed to attract users in the US, India was one of its large overseas markets along with Brazil. Now, Google should think about its fall down and try to regain its popularity again in India.

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