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Thursday, August 19, 2010

LG will sell 6 million smartphones with 30% will run Windows 7

This year, LG will sell 6 million smartphones where 30% will run Windows 7 operating system and the rest of 70% will run Google’s Android operating system.

Out of 20 sets of smartphones that LG plans to release, 15 phones will use Android while the remaining 5 will be operated with Windows Phone 7.

According to the executive, LG will make 4.2 million phones based on Android while 1.8 million phones will use Microsoft's Windows Mobile operating system.

An LG spokesman said, "We can't exactly predict the market. But one thing clear is LG is heavily betting on Google’s Android operating system. The number of Android phones will be more than earlier expected."

It seems that LG is heavily depending on Android operating system. This company is also hoping that this increasing sale of smartphones will help them to recover their losses in its handset business during the second quarter (April-June).

Ahead of the launch of “Optimus One with Google”, LG has been in talks with several major carriers in the US and in Europe and said it will be released via 120 mobile carriers.

Because of handset makers more interest of Android system, the global smartphone market rose to 50 per cent year-on-year in the second quarter of the year.

It also shows the increasing popularity of Android system and how it is becoming a big threat for Microsoft. LG has taken this decision to get more profit reducing one cost.

No doubt, they will face a big threat by Apple and Blackberry in the smartphone market. It is the time to see how they earn profits through stiff competition.

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