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Friday, August 06, 2010

Is Jack Wilshere ready for England National Team?

Jack Wilshere is a very talented player for Arsenal and he is considered to be one of the greatest assets of English football for the upcoming future. There is a possibility that he can make into the English national football team as Euro 2012 qualification is going to start very soon. However, not everyone is excited and Leo Spall has written about it in the Daily Mail about it.
I agree with Leo that it is very important for Jack Wilshere to get a regular starting in Arsenal’s first squad. He failed to do so last season and was loan to Bolton. This season, there is a strong possibility that he will be able to stay at Arsenal and he will not go to Bolton again. However, there is no certainty that Wilshere will be able to feature in the first eleven for Arsene Wenger in Premier League. Champions League is another event too. It is perhaps more likely that Wilshere will be more of a reserve back bench player and will feature more in FA Cup and Carling Cup rather than Premier League and Champions League. Having said so, it should be also remembered that Arsene Wenger is the coach who is likely  to give a young player like Jack Wilshere more opportunities than any other coach in Premier League. If Wilshere was at Manchester United or Chelsea or Liverpool , there would have been hardly any possibility for him to get any match experience. Under Wenger, there is more possibility.
Wilshere must work harder and try to become a regular at Arsenal in both Champions League and Premier League. If he can do so then there is strong possibility that he will be able to play in England national team. 

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