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Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Facebook will Expand Its Data Centre Project adding 160,000 Square Feet

Popular social networking site, Facebook, is becoming more popular day by day. Because of its increasing popularity, it has decided to double the size of its planned data centre in Oregon following the latest mark of the company’s rapid growth.

According to the announcement from Facebook, the wholly owned data centre would start on the second phase of the project, adding 160,000 square feet with a user base of 500 million worldwide that Facebook reached on July 21. The first phase measured 147,000 square feet that was supposed to end early next year. The first phase was planned following 400 million users worldwide. The explosive grwoth of the social networking site has prompted plans for a upgrade before the first part of the project is even built.

However, the second phase of the project will be completed in 2012.

To accommodate more servers to conduct their growing business the company said that they would continue to expand the data centere.

Each day the project will have 150-200 workers at the site and it will create 35-long term jobs as well. Facebook has been criticized by Greenpeace for their data centre plan as it uses massive amounts of electricity.

Let’s see if it hampers the popularity of Facebook or not.

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