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Monday, July 26, 2010

Justin Bieber Molests fan: Another nasty hoax

After Justin Bieber’s death news, another nasty hoax spread out. This time it says that Justin Bieber molested fans.

However, the news reports gave different news. It looks like the female fans of Justin Bieber try hard to get his attention and in order to do so some times they come to attend his shows wearing nothing and he can not help but notice them. He said, “The girls show up wearing nothing. I can't lie, I'm 16, I don't hate it! I don't have a girlfriend.”

However, Bieber can not get naughty for her mother keeps a tight leash on his son.

Most probably, the molest hoax started after Justin Bieber posted a picture on Tweeter where he was seen wearing handcuffs and a red colored jail jumpsuit. Justin Bieber is not going to jail. The singer just got his first taste of acting.

Bieber made a special appearance in the season premiere of popular television series, CSI. In his Twitter account he posted: “BIG DAY today...excited. doing something new...I'm ACTING!!! CSI BABY!! Im a BAD MAN!! loll"

The episode will be aired on CBS on September 23, 2010.

Bieber is very much excited and it looks like he is now gradually getting into acting. Since, Justin is going through puberty, his voice is changing and he hired Usher to become his voice coach. News reports also said that the singer has hired an acting coach.

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