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Saturday, July 03, 2010

Cheese is not bad and can keep you away from Spice

It is the 6th day that I have been eating mainly loaf and cheese. One day, I guess that I ate rice. So, this loaf and cheese is helping me a lot to stay away from spicy food. Cheese helps me to remain full and in fact, at this moment, my goal is not to decrease weight but to improve my eating habit.
Today, I have caught some cold and this is common in any effort to lose weight. I can touch that my belly has shrunk some and I feel comfort to wear my trouser. This is a good improvement in 6 days. I have to continue it for nearly 6 months. Now, the air conditioner (AC) has brought hope in me.
A very good thing is that now, because of eating a lot of mangoes and apples almost daily, I do not feel weak or tired although I am not eating any spice.
It has not been still possible to start eating salad. May be from next week.

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