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Thursday, May 06, 2010

It is Time to Start Full Time Working

My weight has not decreased but I feel much better than the past. I used to eat spicy mutton curry almost every day. I used to drink Coke and Coffee almost every day too. I have been able to leave all of these things. So, I feel much better than the past at last. So, now, I have to focus on going back to full time working. Now, I can perhaps come back to my work. Last few days, I have started to get fresh and regain my energy.
The bad sickness of last 10 months has perhaps become a blessing in disguise for me. It forced me to take rest after many years. I cannot remember when last time, I rested this way.  
Even this obesity has become a good blessing because I was forced to change eating habit. I realized the value of water fasting. I could leave both coffee and Coke. Perhaps, I am repeating the same thing over and again in the last few days. 

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