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Monday, May 31, 2010

IIFA 2010 Awards will help to make bridge between India and Sri Lanka

One of the most popular award ceremonies, IIFA, which will start from June 3-5, has been criticized for being hosted at the Sri Lankan captain, Colombo.

This prestigious and start studded awards ceremony has been boycotted by most of the Tamil citizens from different parts of the country as it is alleged that many Tamil citizens was killed during the fight between Tamil Tigers and . It is also reported that Bollywood stars were requested to boycott the event to show their respect to the dead civilians. It is seen that IIFA will make the relation between the two countries from sweet to sour.

However, it is believed that IIFA will help Sri Lanka to make stronger ties and improve better relations with India.

With the vision of building bridge across businesses, communities, nations and cinema, creating ‘One people, One world’, IIFA has started its journey in Sri Lanka. This event has come as a 'big opportunity' to promote Sri Lanka in Bollywood.

Sri Lankan Captain, Kumar Sangakkara, is a big fan of Bollywood movies and like all the Khans. He believes that IIFA would help Sri Lanka to go beyond all the barriers, including social and political. It would help to make bridge between the two countries. The IIFA 2010 Awards will be enjoyed by the Sri Lankan people.

To rehabilitate former Tamil Tigers child soldiers, a charity match will be played between Sri Lankan selectors and Indian celebrities. Money that would collect through this humanity project will be used to re-establish, re-educated and rehabilitated the child soldiers.

Kumar Sangakkara appreciated it and said, “It will be lot of fun and lot of entertainment. It is also a very touching humanitarian cause as a village for 100 families will be built. It is a great initiative”.

Bollywood has international appeal around the world. In Sri Lanka, it has huge popularity. It is true that IIFA has become a great source of entertainment for Sri Lankan people. If super stars boycott this event then it will make negative impact about Sri Lanka around the world.

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