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Sunday, May 02, 2010

Don’t be Workaholic if You Want to Lose Weight

Yesterday, my plan was to eat just one time and I ate in the evening. But then at night I felt very hungry and I had to eat again. The main reason that I felt so hungry was that I was working a lot. Now, it was not any kind of physical work. I was just sitting at my computer and Blogging. I did it with a lot of focus and I became very hungry and I felt that I must eat something.
My main problem is that I’m fond of working hard and if I do not work then I feel depressed. It is not a bad quality because I’m not a lazy person and I’m never afraid of any responsibility. However, the bad part is that being too much addicted to work is dangerous for health.
I have not learned to take care of my health in a good way. In fact, I neglect my health a lot. But now, my plan is that I will try to keep all my works within four to six hours and then take care of my health. Fortunately, I have learnt the importance of having good health after suffering a lot for the last one year. So, this time, I’m hopeful that I will not go back to my old habit of being addicted to my work.

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