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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

From bad food to Good Food

When you are habituated to eating junk food then going back to normal food again is very difficult. For the last two weeks, I had to eat a lot of junk food items because I was doing a physically challenging job. Today, I am resting and I did not eat any bad food or healthy food. However, my belly is now crying and I know that it is false alarm because just a few months ago, switched to good food and I ate small amount of food. At that time, I did not find any problem.
At first, it is some problematic because your health is not accustomed to eating good food. So, now I have to again start my effort to eat healthy food items and I have to do it as soon as possible. My goal is to do it within 15 days and in the next 15 days, I must cut the amount of junk food teams to minimum and try to eat more healthy items. This is a lesson you should remember too. If you want to eat healthy food items then the first challenge comes from your mind not from your body. You feel that you can not do it but if you really try then it is not that difficult. I have experienced this matter last October and it is achievable. 

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