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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Again back to Diet after two Bad Days

I already wrote that yesterday was a day of exception for me and I ate a lot of junk food items. In fact, yesterday, I ate all the outside foods and today, it is the day of eating heavy food items again because there is a party in my home. Today, I will try to be some careful and not to eat more than one time and this can help me some.
From tomorrow, I am going to be back in my usual style of doing diet and I will again try to stick myself on eating just Roti and vegetable curry.
Weight loss is a long term process and sometimes there will be set backs. It will not be possible for you to keep eating just the diet food everyday. Sometimes, your belly and tongue will not want to listen to you and sometimes you will be forced to eat with others. However, now I am not afraid or worried like the past because I know that tomorrow I can again go back to eating less. Secondly I have decided that whenever I have to eat any heavy food I will just eat only meal and this way whatever amount I eat the next day I will not become fat.
These days I am getting some trouble with sleeping again. This is one of the biggest problems that I am facing. However, on the other hand, my health is getting back its energy. I am thinking all the time that I should start working full time again. I used to blog full time and when I used to blog full time then it used to make me tired. In a last few months, because I was sick I could not do blogging enough and this perhaps caused the problem with sleeping. From today, I am going to try to start again full time blogging and with this way, I will again get mentally some tired and most probably with sleeping will be finished. I am very happy that these days I don’t drink any coffee and coke and I have almost given upon tea.  

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