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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Caught Cold for the Time Being

Because of a lot of work and doing some running outside home, I have caught cold. It is bad but at the same time it is not that bad because now I am forced to staying and rest some and give the body some rest to get better. For many months, I did not suffer from any cold or fever and that is why it is natural perhaps that I have caught cold. Another thing that has happened is that it is now the time of changing season in my country. Spring is gradually finishing and hot weather is coming. This time is very tough for the body to adjust because in day time it is very hot and you need fan or cooler to have comfort. On the other hand, at night if you turn on the fan then you will feel very cold.
So, it is natural for many people to catch cold in this time out of the season and I hope that I will become ok very soon.

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