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Monday, February 01, 2010

What are the alternatives to Soft or Cola Drinks?

I feel pity when I see a child of this generation because many of them are addicted to soft drinks like Coca cola and Pepsi. No doubt that soft drinks or Cola drinks are very tasty and in summer time, you feel really refreshing when you drink them. I was too much fan of it but after I started suffering from obesity I could try a lot and happily come out of this habit. Now, it is winter time and I am not worried for this summer because I have understood that lemon with water and ice can be a tasty alternative.
The biggest problem with Cola drinks is that they are affordable to almost everyone. However, they contain bad things and they contain more than anything too much sugar. As a result, drinking this kind of drinks will just make you fatter. I was thinking today that what can be the alternatives to this kind of drink.
First and best alternative I can think of is lemon juice with water and sugar and ice. You may wonder that why I am thinking of something that contains sugar. The only reason is that when you are taking sugar with fresh lemon juice and water and ice then this sugar is perhaps much more healthier than too much sugar in any kind of Cola drinks. Another good alternative can be coconut water which is sweet and nutritious. Water of coconut is pure and natural and totally organic food. Fortunately in my country, you can find fresh coconut and it is tasty. The only problem is that it is bit more expensive and you have to go out in the street to bring coconut every time. Still, this time I am going to try for it because it is much healthier than Coke or Pepsi.
The best alternative is no doubt fruit juice and you can mix it with ice. Apple, Orange juice and grape juice are very delicious. But the only problem is that in my country they are expensive. The local fruits that are some cheaper are not ideal for making juice and that is why in the end I think that water of coconut is the best alternative to me because it does not contain any sugar and it is 100% natural. 

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