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Friday, February 05, 2010

Job vs Diet: A very Difficult Balancing Act

Today will be third day, I am eating meat. Well, it is not my fault as there are some problems in my home and it is a long story. The only good thing I am trying to do is to eat just one time a day and this way, despite eating meat my weight has not increased. Now, I have got even a bigger problem. I have to come back to working because for 6 months, I could not work good way and my blogs are suffering and income is really down with traffic. So, I understand that I have to start again full time work. The bad part is that because of not working for the last 6 months, it is becoming extremely difficult for me to come back to full time blogging. Although this is the thing I enjoy more than anything.
So, I feel that I have to increase my food intake to get more physical and mental strength to work full time. If I do so then I cannot lose weight. It is a very big dilemma for me. Today is the 42nd day and I have been able to keep my weight unchanged. 

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