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Saturday, February 27, 2010

In Arsene Wenger we Should Trust More

I am a big Arsenal fan for more than 20 years. I still clearly remember the day when Liverpool defeated Arsenal by 2-0 26 May 1989 and secured the championship. Well, those days, I could not watch any match and BBC World Service Radio was the best I could afford to have any taste of the Gunners. There was no Internet and no cable TV in my city that time. Anyway, today, I felt that Arsenal did something amazing by defeating Stoke City by 3-1. Wenger is the boss and he is right after all. Chelsea lost to Manchester City by 2-4 and as a result, Wenger’s team is now trailing leader Chelsea by just 3 points and second place Manchester United by just 2 points.
Best thing for the Gunners is that from now on to until the end of the season, they have easier opponents compared to Chelsea or Manchester United. United lost to Everton last week and Chelsea lost to Manchester City today. This shows that they are not invincible anymore. On the other hand, Arsenal will have to face easier teams. So, if the players can just continue their current form then there is a good chance that they will win the title.
It shows that Arsene Wenger is a magical coach for the Gunners. It is time that the fans show him more respect and encourage him to follow his own style. Who thought that Arsenal would have any real chance to even finish in the third place this season. Now, it seems that they have real chance of becoming the champion or runners up this time. All the credit really should go to Wenger. Everyone thought that the current squad is very weak. And, there were injuries on a regular basis. Think of what Arsenal could achieve this season if there was just van Persie available. 

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