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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Do you drink enough water every Day?

I have one very bad habit: drinking less amount of water. Today I was confused that although I have been trying my best way to improve my health and lose some wealth but my health has become very weak. At last I understood the problem. The main problem is that because last two months was winter and normally in winter, I drink less amount of water. Thus, I have been suffering from dehydration and as a result I have lost freshness in my body and mind.
So, what I am going to start is to drink an extra amount of water. I have read some in internet and I did not find any side effect of drinking more water. In fact, any website related on health has given this advice to drink enough water. You should at least drink 2 liter of water and if you can then try to drink more. If you don’t have problem of diabetics then you can drink even some fruit juice everyday. I like coconut water and from today I started to drink coconut water. Coconut water, fruit juice all are very good. On the other hand, alcohol and soft drinks are not good for health. However, most people are addicted to soft drinks and this is a very bad side effect of modern age. If you can stop drinking coca cola or Pepsi just like me then it will be very good for you and it will help you to decrease some weight.

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