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Friday, February 26, 2010

Arsenal Wins against Financial Burden: Becomes More Profitable

It is known to all that Arsenal has not been able to win any trophy in the last five years and it seems that this season may become another one without winning anything. This surely upset many supporters of the club but the reality is that it has helped the club in another way. Arsenal underwent a huge amount of debt when they built a new Emirates Stadium a few years ago. It is a natural process for any club who wants to move to a new stadium. Because of this new stadium, now Arsenal can have 20,000 seats more. It came at a cost and the Club was really lucky that there was Arsene Wenger as their coach. Because of Arsene Wenger the strategy of nurturing young players, the club could survive the last few years as one of the top four clubs in England and qualified in Champions League every time. In fact, Arsenal’s recent performance in Champions League is quite impressive and they are becoming a matured club in England. Now, the good news is that Arsenal has announced that they could make healthy profit in the last few months. More than the profit, the good news is that their overall debt has decreased substantially.
Arsenal have announced that profits have risen to £35.2m and debts have been drastically reduced.
Pre-tax profits for the six months to the end of November 2009 increased by more than £10m from the figure for the same period during 2008.
Debts at Arsenal Holdings, the Gunners' parent company, were slashed from £332.8m to £203.6m.

I think that Arsenal still needs to wait another one year to go for any kind of big spending on the squad. Because of Wenger’s amazing skill as a coach, the club could survive the worst of economic recession unhurt. 

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