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Friday, February 26, 2010

Are you fond of Salad: You Should better Be

I just finished eating my lunch a few minutes ago and I ate Roti, Potato Bhaji and red lentil thick soup (Prepared in Bangladeshi way) and salad. It was cucumber, tomato and carrot salad. Just onion and green chili were mixed. This time, I made 20% of my lunch as salad and I feel now very light because of eating it. To be honest with you, I am not fond of salad at all. However, I am extremely fond of this item consisting of cucumber and tomato and I found reading in Internet that cucumber and tomato both are very good for health.
Today, I forgot to add lemon in it and when lemon is added then it is very tasty. Of course, some salt is added too. Sometimes, coriander leaves are also added in small amount. You can add Lettuce leaf too. If you want to make it heavy then you can boil an egg and mix with the salad. You can even boil a potato or two and add.
It is up to you how you enjoy it. Just try to enjoy salad and make it a part of your lunch and dinner. I am going to try that from today. Here problem is that in spring time, cucumber is sometimes bitter and not very tasty. However, still it is very helpful for the body. 

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