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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Walk in Nature: Day 29

I am just very happy that cold wav is finishing. Now, cold weather has become tolerable and today, I did not need to eat that much. I am going to wait another 8 days and I will start my effort to lose weight from 1 February 2010 and I will continue trying for 10 weeks. In those 10 weeks, my goal will be to lose 7-10 KG. Today, I measured my weight and it was 101 KG. So, I just need to decrease on KG in the next 8 days and it is not difficult.
Yesterday, I went to a rural place which is near my home and I walked for some time there. It was good oxygen and I took breathe in fresh and pure air that is almost free of pollution. The good part is that the place was only 10 kilometer from my home and there was hardly any traffic jam to go there. I am happy for finding this place as there are big fields in which farmers are cultivating cauliflower, cabbage and potato.
After coming home, I felt very good in my health and mind. Today, I also felt good. City life has its own poison and if possible, sometime, go to rural areas to enjoy real nature.
In many ways, this obesity and suffering from bad health became a blessing in disguise for me. I found the opportunity to contemplate on my life and this helped me a lot to understand the problems related to my health and mind. Now, I touch it within myself that losing weight is not that difficult. It just needs some conscious effort from your heart.
In the past, I was always in a hurry for doing anything. I had the same problem with losing weight. My goal was always to lose some pounds very quickly and then eat junk foods again. This time, I could really come out of this habit. In fact, I am not a hurry to lose weight even. If needed, I just want to lose 1.5 KG each month for the next 11 months and this way, I can lose nearly 17 KG. Right now, my goal is to lose 1 KG per week for the next 10 weeks. However, even if I can lose 1 KG after every 10 days, I will be still very happy.
During summer, I want to sometimes do water fasting. In November 2009, I tried sometimes water fasting and it was very good for my health. I got a lot of comfort in my kidney.

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