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Saturday, January 09, 2010

Time for Restrain: Day 15

Yesterday, I ate beef chop and today, I was careful not to eat any heavy food. The good thing is that I could control myself and did not eat breakfast or lunch. As a result, I noticed that my weight did not increase. So, beef chop did not do any harm in the end because at the right time I could restrain myself.
Thus, I learned that it is not always possible to maintain a strict diet but it is possible to try to control myself in the next day. If you have similar problem then you can follow my advice and Try to eat less amount of food in the next day.
Fortunately, the weather was better today and it was less cold. In the last few days, my city became very cold and I do not know why but I find it difficult to do any kind of diet in a cold weather.
Now, my main focus is to maintain the current level of weight and just hang on for the next three or four weeks. 

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