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Saturday, January 02, 2010

Obesity, Diet and Your Job

I would not write this entry but after suffering 6 months from Obesity and trying a strict diet to change eating habit, I noticed that my work suffered a lot. I am a blogger and this is a god thing because I have to work inside my home. I can also control my working hours. I do not need to go out or I can work any time I like. Well, it seems that there is no bad side of blogging. However, the main bad side I suffered in the last few months is that when I am in a tough diet then it is really very difficult to even sit in computer. Ok, I can sit in my laptop but then brain does not want to work. It wants sugar and meat and tasty and junk food. Of course, now it helps me more.
My problem has basically two features. I find it difficult to work in hungry belly. On the other hand, since I am some kind of a diet, I am just eating two times and I am not eating any meat or sugar. So, working for me is very tough. If I eat 3 times the my weight starts to increase. Thus, it is very difficult to continue blogging. Well, I am trying my best. Let u see what happens.
In the past, I used to think that blogging is a sitting work and it should not be to difficult to lose weight as a blogger. 

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